GCW - Microsoft Mathematics Worksheet

What is a GCW file

GCW files are quite rare. They are created and used by Microsoft Mathematics. The Mathematics program is a calculation program used for educational purposes. The GCW files contain mathematical worksheets containing formulas and expressions. Furthermore, the worksheet can also contain graphs and equations. Even handwritten notes and calculations that can be added to the worksheet thanks to the so-called Ink tool. That way, the GCW worksheets help to visualize mathematical processes and concepts.

GCW files are native to Microsoft Mathematics only. The program was first released in 2011. Before, the program was called Microsoft Math. GCW files are most likely not compatible with these earlier versions of the software. In addition to the desktop software, Microsoft Mathematics is also available as a Windows phone app and as a plug-in or add-in for Microsoft Word and OneNote.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open GCW documents:

  • Microsoft Mathematics (Windows)
Extension GCW
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