GBR - Gerber File

What is a GBR file

GBR or Gerber files are used to create designs for printed circuit boards (PCB). The format is the industry standard to create the PCBs. GBR files are processed by PCB manufacturing machines. These machines take the information stored in the GBR file to construct the design of the PCB.

Since GBR files are used by PCB manufacturing machines, they contain all information needed by the machine to construct a printed circuit board. This includes instructions about the board specific milling and drilling. Information about the electrical connections is also included in the GBR file.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open GBR documents:

  • Altium Designer (Windows)
  • Artwork Conversion GBR2DXF (Windows)
  • gEDA (Mac & Linux)
  • Gerbv (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • GraphiCode GC-Prevue (Windows)
  • PentaLogix ViewMate (Windows)
  • Pentalogix ViewMaster (Windows)
  • PTC Creo View Express (Windows)
Extension GBR
MIME type application/gbr, application/x-gbr, drawing/x-gbr, image/x-gbr
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