G64 - Genetec Video File

What is a G64 file

G64 files are native to the Genetec Security Center program, thus also commonly known as Genetec video files. They contain video data recorded using Genetec Security Center with the purpose of sharing or archiving video information from a security camera system. Since it’s a proprietary file format, the Genetec Video Player is needed in order to view G64 videos. This video player is part of the Genetec Security Center but can also be installed on Windows computers that do not have the Security Center installed.

G64 files can be customized to an extend. This includes adding watermarks or selecting a part of the video to be exported separately from the rest of the recording. For more convenience, however, videos and these cut parts can also be exported in more common formats, such as AVI and ASF.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open G64 documents:

  • Genetec Security Center (Windows)
Extension G64
MIME type n/a
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