FPX - FlashPix Bitmap Image File

What is a FPX file

FPX is often refered to as an intelligent file format, since it was designed to be able to store images in more than one resolution. Likewise, the file format is smart enough to display the resolution as required by the screen resolution at a given time. This helps the user to save bandwidth usage, and cuts down on download time as well.

Based on the IVUE file format, Microsoft's structured storage format is used for FPX files since the stored data can be arranged hierarchically in a single file. FPX is a format optimized for digital photography, produced when using a Kodak camera. FPX files can be opened using the Picture Easy Software that comes with the respective Kodak camera.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open FPX documents:

  • Kodak Picture Easy Software
  • CoralDRAW Graphics Suite X7
  • Coral PaintShop Pro X6
  • Microsoft PhotoDraw
Extension FPX
MIME type Image/Vnd.fpx
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