FNT (Windows Font File)

The FNT Misc file format

THE FNT format is a by now outdated file format used for storing fonts on computers running with the Windows operating system. It was saved in the system fonts directory. By now, the FNT file has been almost completely replaced by TTF (TrueType Font) and OTF (OpenType Font) files.

Technical details of FNT files

Just like more modern font files, FNT files contained information on a specific font used in various Windows applications and programs. Next to a generic font, FNT files can also contain vector and raster glyphs. Despite being deprecated, Microsoft Windows is still able to recognize and support FNT files.

More information about the FNT file format

File extension .fnt
File category Misc
Example file Download example.fnt file (0.25 KiB)
Associated programs FontForge (windows, Mac & Linux)
Microsoft Windows (Windows)
VSoft FontEdit (Windows)
Useful links More Information About FNT Files
Developer N/A