FLP - FL Studio Project

What is a FLP file

FLP files are project files created in FL Studio. The program allows users to compose, record, edit, and arrange music. The actual audio data is not saved in the project, however. It merely contains all information about the mixing and editing process, such as demo plugins, track settings, and the like. The audio files used are merely referenced so the program knows where to find them on the user’s computer.

The FLP file cannot be used to play music as it only references existing audio files. If the project or the audio files it is referencing are moved, the project will not be able to correctly play the arranged music anymore. All these files have to remain in the exact same location in order for the FLP file to work.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open FLP documents:

  • Image-Line FL Studio (Windows & Mac)
  • LMMS (Windows, Mac & Linux)
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