FLO (RFFlow Flowchart File)

The FLO Data file format

Files with the FLO extension are associated with a number of flowchart programs. The most common one of them is RFFlow, a program that allows users to create flowcharts and diagrams. The flowcharts saved inside the FLO file can be of various kinds: basic, cause-effect, timelines, HTML link diagrams, circuit designs and many other.

Technical details of FLO files

RFFlow is the program that uses the FLO format extension since 1989 until present. Other programs that save their flowchart files in the FLO format include LlamaLab Automate and iGrafix FlowCharter.

More information about the FLO file format

File extension .flo
File category Data
Associated programs RFF Electronics RFFlow (Windows)
Useful links More about RFFlow and FLO files
Developer RFF Electronics