FLIPCHART (ActivInspire Flipchart File)

The FLIPCHART Presentation file format

Presentation created in ActivInspire are commonly saved as FLIPCHART files. The program is used by teachers and other educators to create slideshows and presentations and to aid them in general lesson planning as well. The FLIPCHART files can contain a multitude of functions a common presentation such as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation can not offer for these purposes. This includes lesson plans, interactive exercises and arithmetic principles. Thus, FLIPCHART files can contain different kinds of presentations or learning material, such as math lessons, sentence and grammar puzzles, different kinds of game templates (e.g. in the Jeopardy style) and other problems for the students to solve.

Technical details of FLIPCHART files

Why FLIPCHART files are better suited for class interaction than, for example, PowerPoint presentations are easily explained. FLIPCHART files are able to incorporate interaction. With the correct hardware such as whiteboards, FLIPCHART files go past the simple aspect of showing information, but actively let people interact with the puzzles and exercises displayed. If such hardware is not available, there is still the possibility to export FLIPCHART files in more common formats such as PPT (PowerPoint) or PDF. However, in these cases, the interactivity becomes more limited. Another file extension that is sometimes used by ActivInspire, instead of FLIPCHART, is FLP.

More information about the FLIPCHART file format

File extension .flipchart
File category Presentation
Example file Download example.flipchart file (1.0 MiB)
Associated programs Promethean ActivInspire (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Useful links More on ActivInspire FLIPCHART files
Developer Promethean