FDXT - Final Draft Template File

What is a FDXT file

Final Draft is a versatile program for screenwriters and other people in the filming industry as well as those that have it as a hobby. Final Draft allows you to create, author, and write scripts for, for example, TV series and shows, movies, plays, and the like. Authors and users of Final Draft can also create reusable templates which are saved using the FDXT extension. This extension is used since Final Draft version 8. Before that, the documents were saved as FDT files.

An FDXT document file contains all formatting and layout as well as textual (content) information of a script written in Final Draft. It is used as a template to create multiple Final Draft documents with the same style and formatting, which are then saved as FDX files. That way, scripts written by the same author can always have the same look or different authors can use one common formatting and style for all their scriptwriting work. Final Draft also offers many free templates for all kinds of templates for educational, classic, and other scripts to its users.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open FDXT documents:

  • Final Draft (Windows & Mac)
Extension FDXT
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