FCPEVENT - Final Cut Pro Event File

What is a FCPEVENT file

FCPEVENT files are very specific files used by Final Cut Pro X. Final Cut Pro is a video editing program for computers running on Mac OS X computers. As the name suggests, FCPEVENT files contain information about events from a Final Cut Pro project. This includes the media the event is related to as well as the meta information of the media, no matter if it’s an image, video or audio.

Events in Final Cut Pro are used in order to organize and store media. Media files such as images, videos, audio, and icons, that are loaded into Final Cut Pro, are automatically inserted into an event. This can be a new or already existing event. Once a new project is created in the video editing software, the user can use the clips and other media inside the events to add them to the project. These events are stored in the FCPEVENT format which allows transferring different events across installations if the media referenced in the FCPEVENT file are transferred as well. The data inside the FCPEVENT file is saved in an SQLite format. This allows many SQLite editors to open, view and edit these files as well.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open FCPEVENT documents:

  • Apple Final Cut Pro X (Mac)
Extension FCPEVENT
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