FB2 - FictionBook 2.0 File

What is a FB2 file

FB2 files were created in Russia. It's a free, open source file format under DRM (Digital Rights Management), free meaning that users can reproduce and resend the files without restriction. It was created for the easy conversion of fictional books into other formats, as well as processing and indexing. There is no technical restriction as to the textual content that can be put into the FB2 format. FB2 files contain only one XML file and images are converted to Base64 into the tag. The files are often distributed in ZIP files to keep it simple for users with different programs and OS’s to utilize the file.

FB2 files are capable of containing epigraphs, verses, quotations, and other special tags often found in fictional works. In the file, users can find information like: author name, title, and publisher. It uses simple semantic markup, supports Unicode, and inline formatting (including bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, sub- and superscript). FB2 files often contain Stylesheet, Description, and Body (the main text) within the file. The body text uses a nested structure to define paragraphs, sections, and subsections throughout the text. Simple files are found at the beginning of the FB2 file whereas large and heavy binary images are located in the end so the user can access the information at the beginning while the more complicated information downloads.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open FB2 documents:

  • Apple iBooks
  • Calibre
  • Cool Viewer
  • FBReader
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