F4V (Flash MP4 Video File)

The F4V Video file format

The F4V is one among the best known Flash Video formats. It is supported by Adobe Flash Player. Files with the F4V extension are referred to as container formats. Unlike other FLV files, the F4V file format uses boxes for data storage. Leaving aside iOS Apple devices, files with the F4V extension can be played through almost all Flash supporting browsers.

Technical details of F4V files

Based on the ISO base Media File Format, this video container format was originally based on the Apple Quick Time Container Format. Unlike the old FLV format, the F4V format files flawlessly support the h.264 and ACC compressed formats forming the baseline for other container formats.

More information about the F4V file format

File extension .f4v
File category Video
Example file Download example.f4v file (25.1 MiB)
Download example_small.f4v file (12.2 MiB)
Associated programs Adobe FlashPlayer 13
Adobe Flash Professional CC
VideoLAN VLC Media Player
Useful links Read more on F4V online conversion
Developer Adobe Systerm