ENW - EndNote Import File

What is a ENW file

EndNote, a bibliography and citation program for academic and scientific writing, uses ENW files. This file format is used for the import of text or database files. The files are used to import new entries of a bibliography. The file has, by now, been widely replaced by ENL or even TXT, RTF, HTML, and XML files, at least for the export of citation information.

In order for EndNote to be able to interpret an ENW file correctly, the data inside has to be formatted in a way that EndNote can process. This is usually done by listing the citation entries per line, starting each one with a prefix that tells EndNote what kind of information can be found in the line; for example %A for author or %D for the date or year of publication.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open ENW documents:

  • Thomas Reuters EndNote (Windows & Mac)
Extension ENW
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