ENL (EndNote Library File)

The ENL Misc file format

ENL files are used by EndNote, a program for managing bibliographies and creating citations. The ENL file contains a library that is made up of a collection of citations. These citations inside the ENL files contain data like the title of work, author(s), date of publishing, journal, and other. Links to the cited work can also be included, either to look at it online or, if the source is available in the PDF format, to be viewed directly.

Technical details of ENL files

ENL is the default format for saving files using EndNote. These library files are mostly used by scientists, researchers, and academics to manage the citations when writing articles, essays or a thesis. The ENL files are usually saved together with a folder that has a .data file name extension. This folder contains a database with all the information needed by the ENL file.

More information about the ENL file format

File extension .enl
File category Misc
Associated programs Thomas Reuters EndNote (Windows & Mac)
Useful links More about ENL and EndNote
Developer Thomas Reuters