EDDX (Edraw XML File)

The EDDX Page Layout file format

The professional diagram programs by EdrawSoft, Edraw Max and Network Diagram Maker, create files that use the EDDX file format extension. Such files contain diagrams that can be made up of shapes, text, images and different graphics like arrows or connectors. That way, EDDX files can be used to create many different kinds of diagrams that range from flowcharts to mind maps, as well as floor plans or different infographics. Creating a diagram can easily be done by using one of the available templates or starting from scratch with a blank canvas.

Technical details of EDDX files

EDDX is the default file format for diagrams saved using EdrawSoft software. While other formats such as HTML, PDF or image formats are also available for the export, EDDX has the advantage of saving the data in an XML format. The EDDX format was introduced with Edraw Max version 7.3 in 2013 and replaced the EDX file format. Compared to this older format, EDDX provides a better compression ratio which leads to the files being smaller in file size than the format used before.

More information about the EDDX file format

File extension .eddx
File category Page Layout
Associated programs EdrawSoft Edraw Max (Windows, Mac & Linux)
EdrawSoft Network Diagram Maker (Windows & Mac)
Useful links More about Edraw and EDDX
Developer EdrawSoft