DIF (Data Interchange Format)

The DIF Data file format

DIF is the file extension used as a standardized data interchange format. Developed by Microsoft, DIF files are compatible with different Microsoft Suite programs like Access and Excel. On non-Windows-machines, DIF files can also be opened and edited with other text editors.

Technical details of DIF files

Usually, the DIF format is used for data files that contain data arranged in a spreadsheet-like manner. The information contained in the file consists of plain text and values, as well as formulas. This standardized format allows multiple spreadsheet and database programs to interpret this data. This makes the DIF format a popular file format for sharing spreadsheet data across platforms and programs.

More information about the DIF file format

File extension .dif
File category Data
Associated programs Apache OpenOffice (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Corel WordPerfect (Windows)
Gnumeric (Windows & Linux)
IBM Collaboration Solutions (Windows)
Microsoft Access (Windows)
Microsoft Excel (Windows & Mac)
Microsoft Notepad (Windows)
Planamesa NeoOffice (Mac)
SAS Institute SAS (Windows & Mac)

Other text editors
Useful links More on the DIF format
Developer Microsoft