D (D Source Code File)

The D Developer file format

The D file extension is used for files that store code written in a special programming language called D. D is similar to the languages C++ and C#, Java and Eiffel. The file itself can be opened by any text editing program since the source code is saved in a plain text format. However, to execute the D file, a special program is needed.

Technical details of D files

Source code contained in the D file is stored as plain text, making it possible for every text editor to open, view and save files in the D format. D is an object-oriented, imperative programming language that allows multiple paradigms. To execute D files, they have to be run with a special D compiler.

More information about the D file format

File extension .d
File category Developer
Associated programs Code::Blocks (Windows, MAC & Linux)
Digital Mars D compiler (Windows & Linux)
GDC (MAC & Linux)
MacroMates TextMate (MAC)
Any Text Editor
Useful links More Information About The D Language
Developer N/A