CRDOWNLOAD (Chrome Partially Downloaded File)

The CRDOWNLOAD Misc file format

Users of Google Chrome may be already familiar with the CRDOWNLOAD file. They are created by the web browser for only partially downloaded files. CRDOWNLOAD files are created automatically when Chrome starts a download. They show that the download is yet incomplete. Once the file is completely downloaded, the extension is removed from the file again.

Technical details of CRDOWNLOAD files

The contents of the CRDOWNLOAD file equal the information the Chrome web browser is receiving when downloading a file. Incomplete downloads are named according to the downloaded file with the CRDOWNLOAD in addition. E.g. example.mp4.crdownload. CRDOWNLOAD files may remain on your desktop or in the download folder if the download has been interrupted for some reason and thus couldn't be completed. The download has to be re-attempted or resumed. If this is not possible, the removal of the CRDOWNLOADextension may allow for the file to be at least partially played.

More information about the CRDOWNLOAD file format

File extension .crdownload
File category Misc
Associated programs Google Chrome
Useful links More Information on Chrome's CRDOWNLOAD File
Developer Google