CMPROJ (Camtasia Project File)

The CMPROJ Video file format

CMPROJ files are created by TechSmith Camtasia, a screen recording and video editing program for Apple Mac computers. All media files and information needed or used during the editing, are saved in the CMPROJ file, including video, audio, transition effects, different settings, and more. Since Camtasia is mainly a screen recording software, the CMPROJ files are typically used to produce demonstrations or video tutorials based on the screen recordings. For Apple Mac, these raw recordings are saved as CMREC or TREC files.

Technical details of CMPROJ files

CMPROJ files are actually ZIP folders that contain other files needed for the video editing project. Thus, editing the file extension to any other character “e.g. filename.a” enables a user to manually open the folder and view the contents. In Camtasia, the files can be opened by clicking on “File” and choosing “Open Project”.

More information about the CMPROJ file format

File extension .cmproj
File category Video
Associated programs TechSmith Camtasia (Mac)
Useful links More about Camtasia and CMPROJ
Developer TechSmith