CMF - Cal3D Binary Mesh File

What is a CMF file

The CMF file extension is most commonly associated with the Cal3D character animation library. Cal3D is authored in C++. The CMF file format is used to store three-dimensional mesh files that are used to structure the characters animated in Cal3D.

CMF files are binary files containing the three-dimensional geometry of characters animated in Cal3D. In the CMF files, the 3D geometry of the to be animated characters is stored. The information is stored using polygons which are made up of edges and nodes. There is also a possibility to store these 3D meshes in an XML format. However, the extension then would be XMF.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open CMF documents:

  • Cal3D (Linux)
  • Cal3d2ogre (Windows)
  • Cal3dViewer (Windows)
  • Short Fuze Limited Moviestorm (Windows & Mac)
Extension CMF
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