CLP (Windows Clipboard File)

The CLP Data file format

CLP files are known, among others, as Windows Clipboard Files. These temporary files are created when a Windows user marks and then copies a section of text; either by pressing "CTRL+C" or choosing "Copy" from the menu that opens upon right-click. The content of the copy process is saved in the CLP file. They can be pasted into a new document by either choosing "Paste" from the Edit menu, or by pressing "CTRL+V".

Technical details of CLP files

Typically, CLP files are temporary files with changing content. It contains all information that has been saved to the Windows clipboard. Most typically, these information contain text, but they can also contain image data when according information has been copied before.

More information about the CLP file format

File extension .clp
File category Data
Associated programs Corel PaintShop Pro (Windows)
IrfanView (Windows)
Microsoft ClipBook Viewer (Windows)
Useful links More information about CLP and handling the clipboard in Windows
Developer Microsoft