CCC (Dev-C++ Code Completion Cache)

The CCC Developer file format

The CCC file format is used for so-called cache files that are used by a program called Dev-C++. This open-source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is typically used for C/C++ software programming. The cache file contains data that is needed and used by the program to complete code written in C++. Thus, the usage of CCC files makes developing a lot quicker.

Technical details of CCC files

CCC files are created when a user of Dev-C++ accepts the autocompletion function when first running the IDE. When this autocompletion function is accepted, the program starts parsing files in order to create the cache file with the CCC extension. Usually, these files can be found in the following directory: \%APPDATA%\Dev-Cpp\

More information about the CCC file format

File extension .ccc
File category Developer
Associated programs BloodshedSoftware Dev-C++ (Windows)
Orwell Dev-C++ (Windows)
Useful links More about CCC and Dev-C++
Developer n/a