CBT (Comic Book TAR File)

The CBT eBook file format

CBT files are archive files containing the pages of a comic book in a raster image format. The pages can be sorted in a particular order to allow the viewer to browse through the comic pages according to the page numbers. CBT files can be opened, displayed and read in compatible comic book viewers. When decompressing the comic book archive file, however, the images compressed may be displayed in a wrong order.

Technical details of CBT files

In comparison to CBR files, CBT files have been created using TAR compression on the contained comic pages in the JPG or PNG format. Sometimes the images inside can also be stored in the GIF format. Despite being compressed using TAR, the CBT files can be viewed by comic book viewers without decompressing the archive formats first.

More information about the CBT file format

File extension .cbt
File category eBook
Example file Download Desktop.cbt file (30.8 MiB)
Associated programs CDisplayEx (Windows)
Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe (Windows & Mac)
Useful links Get more information on CBT files
Developer n/a