BUP - DVD Info Backup File

What is a BUP file

The BUP files are the backup files that are created and stored automatically on your computer or other device throughout the usage of different computer applications. Most commonly, BUP files are created by DVD running programs. Those files created from DVD files are stored as image backup files to create a backup image of the contents that are on the DVD.

BUP files are commonly associated with backup files created when running a DVD. They contain backup information created by many currently running applications though to prevent data loss in case the application crashes. They are used by programs that archive and store user information among others. The BUP extension is added to the already existing file name, occurring after the original file extension. The BUP extension has to be removed in order to open the file in the correct program.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open BUP documents:

  • CD Indexer
  • Brother Embroidery System File
  • PC-Bibliothek Update File
Extension BUP
MIME type content/DVD
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