BIBTEX (BibTeX Bibliography Database File)

The BIBTEX Misc file format

Files that are saved as BIBTEX files are considered documents. They contain information that is used by BibTeX, a program that enables and facilitates the citation and incorporation of bibliographies in scientific and academic texts written using LaTeX. The BIBTEX file enables users to search bibliographies and cite them in their work as they contain different references.

Technical details of BIBTEX files

BIBTEX files function as a bibliography database. This means they contain information about books, articles and other papers that may be cited in other work. This information includes the author, date of publication, title, and more. BIBTEX files are less common than the other BibTeX bibliography database file BIB.

More information about the BIBTEX file format

File extension .bibtex
File category Misc
Associated programs Bib2x (Windows & Linux)
BibDesk (Mac)
JabRef (Windows, Mac & Linux)
MacroMates TextMate (Mac)
MiKTeX (Windows)
Pybliographer (Linux)
RefTeX (Linux)
TeXnicCenter (Windows)
Useful links More about BibTeX
Developer n/a