BAT (DOS Batch File)

The BAT Executables file format

Similar to EXE files, BAT files are executable files found on Windows computers. More precisely, it's a DOS batch file used by the Windows Command Prompt. These files can be generated by a user to execute and perform repetitive tasks and operations on a windows machine. BAT files can be created and edited in any text editor such as Notepad or WordPad since they consist of plain (ASCII) text.

Technical details of BAT files

Executable BAT files contain commands that are usually entered in the Windows Command Prompt in DOS. Commands are written in single lines. Creating or altering BAT files can automatically run certain processes on a Windows computer. Usually, they launch programs, perform scans or operate maintenance utilities. Unknown BAT files should be thoroughly scanned and checked before opening since the format is prone to containing malware.

More information about the BAT file format

File extension .bat
File category Executables
Associated programs Parallels Desktop (Mac)
Microsoft Windows (Windows)
Microsoft Windows Command Prompts (Windows)

Any Text Editor
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