AWB - AMR-WB Audio File

What is a AWB file

AWB files are similar to the AMR file extension. They are also Adaptive Multi Rate audio files, but with WideBand support. The coding standard used by AWB files is a patented speech coding standard. AWB files are used for the transmission of speech data across networks as well as for recordings. The audio information inside the AWB files is stored compressed. Various mobile phones support the playback of AWB files. For example, it is the format used to create Nokia True Tones. Developed by Nokia, the file format was standardized in 2000.

In contrast to AMR files that operate in a range of 200 - 3400 Hz, AWB files support a wider bandwidth of 50 - 7000 Hz. They support nine different bitrates, ranging from 6.6 to 23.85 kbps. Furthermore, background noise with a bitrate of 1.75 kbps is also included. The codec used for files with the AWB extension is the same as for AMR or EFR formats; ACELP (Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction). Thus, AWB files are supported for devices that support the G.722.2 standard.

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open AWB documents:

  • AMR Player
  • FairStars Audio Converter
  • Nokia Multimedia Converter
Extension AWB
MIME type audio/AMR-WB, audio/x-amr-wb
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