ASW - ACDSee Slideshow Wizard File

What is a ASW file

The photo editing and viewing program ACDSee Photo Manager uses the ASW file format extension to save slideshow projects that have been created on the application. These files are typically used to create image slideshows for different purposes, such as Windows screensavers. ASW files contain links to the image files used for the slideshow as well as to audio files, if used, information about transitions, other image effects, and settings such as background color, added text, and loops. ASW files cannot be opened via double-click. Instead, users have to open ACDSee Photo Manager, go to “Create” and choose “Slideshow File...”. Then, existing ASW files can be selected and opened.

The project file itself does not contain the actual image (and audio) data of the photos used in the slideshow. Instead, the ASW file is used to save a “work in progress” state of the slideshow project. It can only be displayed properly if the images and other data can be found on the same computer (or a hard drive) the ASW file is used on. For easier usage, the ACDSee Photo Manager can export the ASW file in other formats such as EXE (executable files) or SWF (Adobe Flash Player files).

Here's a small, but not exhaustive list of programs that can open ASW documents:

  • ACD Systems ACDSee Photo Studio (Windows)
Extension ASW
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