ASP (Active Server Page)

The ASP Website file format

Files with the ASP extension are assigned to websites that have been generated by a server. These kind of web pages are typically used by websites hosted by Microsoft servers (IIS-based) and sites running on the ASP.NET framework. Any web browser or text editor is able to open ASP files. The ASP format preceded the ASPX format.

Technical details of ASP files

ASP web pages contain code and scripts written in different coding languages like C# or JavaScript. ASP files are parsed on the Microsoft server they are hosted on. This way, HTML code is generated that is then sent to the browser of the client. Thus, the client never gets to see the actual code of the ASP file, but the generated HTML code only.

More information about the ASP file format

File extension .asp
File category Website
Associated programs Adobe Dreamweaver (Windows & Mac)
Adobe Fireworks (Windows & Mac)
ES-Computing EditPlus (Windows)
Microsoft IIS (Windows)
Microsoft Visual Studio (Windows)
Microsoft Visual Web Developer (Windows)

Any Web Browser
Any Text Editor
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