AIR (Adobe AIR Installation Package)

The AIR Executables file format

Files with the AIR extension are used by Adobe Air, a runtime application for software development. The application uses AIR files to store installation information. All assets and code needed for the software installation are contained in these installation packages. AIR files are similar to EXE or DMG files which are also used to install applications and programs on a system. While EXE and DMG files only work on Windows and Mac computers respectively, AIR installer packages can be used across platforms. Usually, AIR files are distributed via download. However, it may also be that you receive them via e-mail, burned onto a disc or saved on a flash drive.

Technical details of AIR files

In order to utilize the code and other installation information of the AIR file, the Adobe Air program needs to be installed on the machine. It’s the best way to open and use the installer package. After a double-click on the AIR file, it is automatically installed.

More information about the AIR file format

File extension .air
File category Executables
Associated programs Adobe Air (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Adobe Flash (Windows & Mac)
Useful links More information about Adobe Air
Developer Adobe Systems