AIMPPL (AIMP Playlist File)

The AIMPPL Audio file format

AIMP, a music player software for Windows computers, introduced the AIMPPL file format with AIMP 3. This format is used to save playlists created with the music player, thus it does not contain actual audio data, but a list of songs that should be played in a specific sequence or at random. These songs can be organized in groups. Sometimes, metadata about the songs is also stored in the AIMPPL file. Since AIMPPL was introduced with AIMP 3, earlier versions of the media player don’t support the file format.

Technical details of AIMPPL files

Despite being categorized as an audio file, AIMPPL files are saved in a plain text format. They do not contain audio data and can thus not be played on their own. Instead, the file contains a list of songs known to the program so it can play them in a specific sequence. Transferring an AIMPPL file from one computer to another will only be playable if the same songs are saved at the same place on both computers.

More information about the AIMPPL file format

File extension .aimppl
File category Audio
Associated programs AIMP (Windows)
Useful links More on AIMP and AIMPPL
Developer AIMP DevTeam